"Campo de Urnas" Release date: 31 March 2022. Pre-orders open.

Campo de Urnas is about to be release, and you can already pre-order it from Caustic Records online store. Apart form gorgeous digipak and vinyl (green and black) editions, there is a Limited Box available only for preorders until 7 March that include vinyl and exlusive tote bag and t-shirt.

Campo de Urnas limited box


"The End of the Summer", first single of Har Belex second album

On 7 February 2022 the first single of our upcoming album "Campo de Urnas" will be launched. Its name: "The End of the Summer".You will be able to hear it on Youtube  from 8:00 am




"Lied der Kämpfer: A Tribute to Darkwood"

We participate in this tribute to the band Darkwood with the song "Canción junto al Fuego", a cover in Spanish of the song "Lied Am Feuer". 

together with In Ruin Music, FlokWorld release this various artists compilation to celebrate and honor the work of DARKWOOD.

Nine Artists from all over the world are giving their tribute to the german neofolk band Darkwood.
David E. Williams - Nothing Left To Loose
Har Belex - Lied Am Feuer
Traum´Er Leben - Verlorenes Heer
In Ruin - Break Of Dawn
Crooked Mouth - Secret Places
Night Profound - Epitaph
Tyr-Kreis - Winterrune
Irmeynsul - Deutsche Sonnenwend
Jerome Deppe - Caucasian Tales
closed by Darkwood - Forgotten Beauty (live @ WGT)

NOTICE: it´s a lim. edition release - once gone, it´s gone

LP (black vinyl) - price is 22,99 Euro (shipping is free until January 19th)

Bundle (black vinyl & gold Vinyl) - price is 48,98 Euro (shipping is free until January 19th) - we have only 9 bundles!

Yultide & Raunächte Bundle - 45,99 Euro (shipping is just 4 Euro)


Har Belex in Dwaalspoor (9-dic-2017, Holland)

Next December we will play our first gig in Holland at Dwaalspoor festival with Les Chasseurs de la Nuit, Stein and Miel Noir.

Published on  July 25th, 2019