HAR BELEX is formed by Manix S. and Salva Maine. These two musicians  with recognized  careers in the electronic –EBM scene come together in this new project to share and enhance their concerns and common passions: the love of nature, local traditions, history, alienation of religion and modern society, etc.

They present their debut album "Chandelle". Songs full of magic, intense and catchy, create  a personal Neofolk  that integrates in a perfect balance the coolness and nostalgia of musical aesthetics of German-Nordic neofolk and the classic and evocative cadence of  Mediterranean-influenced neofolk.

So far they have participated in several international festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen, Entremuralhas or Lichterklang and played live in Spain with bands like Rome, Darkwood and Oniric.

Published on  May 21st, 2016