"Campo de Urnas" (2022)

Campo de UrnasThe band exposes in its new songs the relationship of Humanity with itself and its environment, going through multiple registers: some bright and cinematic, others dense and dark. Using both melancholic guitar arpeggios and martial percussion rolls and all this extolled with beautiful arrangements of violin, guitars and electronics.

With these 10 new songs, Har Belex manages to turn everything dark that lives in them into beauty, emotion and passion.

Manix and Salva show their bond with Nature in "El Corazón del Bosque". They scrutinize the darkest face of the human beings in "War" or "The Last Trench", and look back at the origins through the interwoven legends of reality and history in "Jentilarri" and "The End Of The Summer". Inevitable death and ancestral fears are presented in "La Tumba" and "Premonición".

"Camino de Brea" (2016)

This is a limited edition EP specially crafted for the show at Wave Gotik Treffen 2016, released by Lichterklang records. It includes the original song "Camino de Brea", a cover of the song "Wicked Game", a new version of the song "Pathways" and "Last Bell Song", originally included in the EP "Time does not Forgive"

"Chandelle" (2014)

Har Belex's ChandelleIn this work Manix S. and Salva Maine offer us acoustic guitars with a pure dark folk style, classical guitars with a decadent and Mediterranean aura, vocal melodies emanating beauty and longing, brought together with excellent strings, percussions and arrangements. The many references in this work, both musical and conceptual, make this album a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. With a perfect musical performance that is melancholic, ethereal, beautiful, and exquisite taste, it's amazing how Har Belex’s music stands triumphant above the ruins of our sick and worn out civilization in order to rescue emotions we thought buried under layers of technology and absurd ideologies.

The horror of the hum of the German Junkers and Heinkels devastating Gernika joins the terror of soldiers (mostly children) forced to be exterminated by the will of the powerful in Annual. While fools die in no man's land, the goat celebrates all its misery and splendor in the Akelarre, being softened, thankfully, by the balm for the soul that penetrates deep into the dark forests of the North hand in hand with mythological beings of creepy face and gentle heart, and ending in a burst of pure spring FREEDOM. Talent is oozing from these SONGS, with a capital S, drawn from the hearts of musicians who believe in themselves and have made ​​an album of pure NEO FOLK with traditional touches and splashes of Dark Wave and martial Pop sounds, rescuing the lost common soul of Europe with texts in Spanish, English, German and Basque language.

"Time does not Forgive" (2014)

The wait has been long but it has not been worthless. At last we have in our very hands our debut album. It is a split LP shared with the band Fragile, a 12" transparent vinyl which as you can see looks great.

The album is edited by Caustic Records and you can find it in your usual shop and distributor from February 21st.

Don't miss your copy! The edition is limited to 300 units.

You can buy it in the web of Caustic Records.


Published on  November 6th, 2023