Showcase en Discos Bora Bora (Granada) [22/4/16]

El viernes 22 de abril aprovechamos un ensayo sureño con nuestro nuevo violinista, Lucas Valera,  para pasarnos por Bora Bora y tocar algunos temas. 

New EP: "Camino de Brea" will be presented at Wave Gotik Treffen

We are working in a special work to be presented at Wave-Gotik-Treffen this year: "Camino de Brea" is an EP including four songs and it will be released in two versions, one being a special edition only availalbe at our concert at the festival.
The artwork is done by the renown German artist Reiner Langer.

"Camino de Brea" is the name of the main song, which include lyrics in Spanish and violin lines of Lucas Valera, who is our new live member.

Listen to Unidade 304 radioshow

In this alternative radioshow they include our "Ray of Moon" song. Carlos Matos is the host of the show and also organizer of the Entremuralhas Festival in Portugal which we will visit next summer.

Har Belex at Entremuralhas 2016

We are very happy to announce that we will participate in this year's edition of Entremuralhas festival in Portugal. See you there!

Har Belex at WGT 2016!


We can not end the year with better news. Har belex will be playing at the Wave Gothic Treffen 2016. Leipzig (Germany) 13th to 16th May.

No podemos terminar el año con una noticia mejor. Har belex va a estar tocando en el Wave Gothic Treffen del 2016. Leipzig (Alemania) , 13 - 16 de Mayo.

Published on  July 25th, 2019