Brigitte Handley (The Dark Shadows) + Har Belex in Madrid (11/SEP/15)

Next September we will play with Brigitte Handley at Wurlitzer Ballroom (Madrid) in acoustic setup. We hope to see you there!

First gig in Germany!

These last days in Germany have been magical for Har Belex. Our first concert in Germany in Lichterflug Festival II has been fantastic. We want to thank to Sathorys Elenorth for supporting us in the stage this time (hopefully more in the future :-)). Many thanks to Michael Kuhlen ( Lichterklang / Neofolk Mailorder) and Bjarkan Kuhlen for making us feel so welcome and for organizing the concert.

Thanks to Thomas also inhabitant of the “Villa Neofolk” ( your homemade liquor is Great!!!!). Thanks to the audience at the concert for the great reception you gave us. Thanks to all those who sold out our merchandising stock. Thanks to the bands DIE WEISSE ROSE, Osewoudt and Culture of Darkened Fire ……… VIELEN DANKE!!!!!

Published on  July 25th, 2019